Housing Services

JAS Housing Services provides help across a wide continuum of services, helping people find emergency shelter, to transitional housing, to affordable housing and even home ownership. These services include working with individuals to find stable housing, assisting families at risk of becoming homeless find a way to keep their home, training and technical/legal assistance for condo owners and associations, helping renters find ways to secure money to pay for rent, helping landlords and tenants resolve issues.

We provide assistance in managing home improvement projects, and help homeowners, condo associations, and landlords secure financing for housing improvements.

Through JAS House, and our JAS Next Step program, we help at-risk teen mothers and their children, providing them shelter while equipping them with the tools and life skills to successful transition into independent housing. Educational, vocational training, money management, and parenting skills are taught at the JAS House and the Next Step program provides support and advocacy to young parents once they regain an independent living situation.

Contact Housing Services:

Just-A-Start Corporation
1035 Cambridge Street, #12
Cambridge, MA 02141
Telephone: 617-494-0444
Email: contact@justastart.org