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Our Voices

Brenda Comeau, Data and Program Coordinator, Biomedical Careers Program

A career of commitment, caring, and giving back…

Brenda Comeau always puts her family first – always has and always will. It’s the way her mother and father raised her, growing up in this area. She also has a very strong work ethic; she has worked since she was 15 years old. She worked through high school, graduated, and did one semester of college. Brenda got married and started her family while she was in her 20s. Her husband is an electrician so Brenda always worked nights so someone would be home with their three children: a son (who is now 32) and two daughters (one is 30 and the other 26). In 1997, while Brenda was working as a bank processor at nights at a local bank, she saw an ad in the local Medford Transcript for the Just-A-Start Biomedical Careers Program and decided to apply. With 3 children in 3 different schools, her husband working, and her aging parents needing help, Brenda often found herself studying until midnight. But she persevered and graduated in 1998 – as the class valedictorian! The Director of the Biomedical Careers Program was so impressed with Brenda that she offered her a part-time job, with flexible hours, at the program; a perfect fit for Brenda with her busy family. Almost 20 years later (and with 3 grandchildren!), Brenda is still working for Just-A-Start’s Biomedical Careers Program, helping the students stay on task, on time, and motivated.