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Families Moving Forward

Families Moving Forward

Do you have a vision for your family’s future, but need some support in getting there?

Do you want to build your family’s savings and financial security?

Join Families Moving Forward!


Families Moving Forward connects low-income Cambridge parents with a personal coach and supportive connections to help you reach your family’s goals in health, housing, finances, education, and work.

About the Program

This free program includes:
• a personal coach helping you with your vision for your family, working around your schedule
• matched savings and financial incentives as you accomplish steps towards your goals
• connections to any services you need
• the support of other families in the program

You’re eligible to join if you are:
• low-income
• a Cambridge resident
• a parent or guardian with children under 18

No immigration documentation is required, and some interpretation will be available to participants as needed.

How to Apply

Applications for the program are now closed. 


Please contact Program Manager Ian David (, 617-918-7525) with any questions or for assistance in submitting your application. For a list of questions and answers, please scroll down to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.

Program Flyers

English – Families Moving Forward Flyer

Amharic – Families Moving Forward Flyer

Arabic – Families Moving Forward Flyer

Bengla – Families Moving Forward Flyer

Chinese – Families Moving Forward Flyer

Haitian Creole – Families Moving Forward Flyer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Families Moving Forward program?

  • Families Moving Forward participants must be housed in Cambridge, have a gross household income of below 50% of AMI, and have at least one minor child. They also must commit to being in the Families Moving Forward program for the full three years, be willing to meet with a mentor monthly, and be willing to set and work toward goals.

What are the income limits of this program?

They are in the chart below:

2020 Income Limits
Family Size 50% AMI
1 $41,500
2 $47,400
3 $53,350
4 $59,250
5 $64,000
6 $68,750
7 $73,500
8 $78,250

I am homeless in Cambridge. Can I still apply? 

  • Families Moving Forward participants must be currently housed in Cambridge in order to apply, even if their housing is not stable. Participants cannot be homeless.

I am living with a friend (doubled up) in Cambridge. Can I still apply?

  • Yes, as long as you are housed in Cambridge, you can apply for the program.

I am interested in being involved in the program for one year, but I am hesitant to commit to the full three years. Can I still apply?

  • Families Moving Forward participants must commit to being in the program for the full three years and are expected to remain in the program for that time.

Do applicants need a certain immigration status in order to be eligible?

  • There is no immigration status requirement for Families Moving Forward participants. Once you have been accepted into the program, mentors will ask what your immigration status is in order to better provide you with resources that you are eligible for.  Your status will not be shared with anyone outside of the Families Moving Forward staff.

Do applicants need a certain level of English proficiency in order to be eligible?

  • There is no English proficiency requirement for Families Moving Forward participants. If required, interpretation services will be arranged for mentoring sessions, and translation services will be provided for all written materials.

Can my partner and I both apply?

  • While both partners can apply to Families Moving Forward, only one individual per family will be accepted into the program. Applicants need to decide which family member will participate if selected.

What if I am eligible for the program now, but I become ineligible halfway through the three-year program?

  • Families Moving Forward participants will only be screened for their eligibility when they apply for the program. If they move out of Cambridge, receive income higher than the program income limits, or lose custody of their children, they can still remain in the program for the full three years.  Once you are in Families Moving Forward, you are in it for three years.

What are the time commitments of the program?

  • For the three-year Families Moving Forward program, participants will be expected to meet with their mentors once a month in person and contact them via phone or email at least once in between in-person meetings. In addition, all Families Moving Forward participants will meet together in an after hours meeting once every two months (six times a year), and all participants are expected to attend these meetings.  Childcare will be provided for all after hours meetings.

Where will mentoring sessions be held? When will they be?

  • Families Moving Forward mentors can travel wherever it is convenient for the participant for mentoring sessions. Sessions can also be held at Just-A-Start’s office near Inman Square.  The timing of a mentoring session will be determined by participant and mentor.  After hours meetings will be possible.

What kind of topics will I work on with my mentor?

  • Mentors will work with participants to set goals and work on steps to achieve them in multiple areas, including: housing, financial, health, work, and education.  The topics covered will be individualized based on the participant’s interests and needs.

For other questions, please contact Tessa at 617-918-7517, 857-409-1651, or