Gustavo Gallego

Gustavo Gallego heard about the “First-Time Home Buyers” program at JAS 17 years ago. At that time, he worked as a teller at Bank of America; that is to say, he did not make enough money to purchase an apartment on his own; for this reason, Gustavo took advantage of this grand program at JAS. So far, he’s happy with it and has no complains at all. Right now he’s working for Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee, Inc. (CEOC) as a Community Educator/Advocate in financial coaching. In addition, CEOC helps community members get health insurance, SNAP, and advocate for housing. Gustavo previously worked at Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) as a Manager of Secure Jobs Partnership; he oversaw all aspects of this department and the MassLeap program. Something he has learned through his work at JVS and CEOC is that he really love to enhance the lives of people in need.