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Sharing Our Updated Vision and Mission

We’re happy to share some exciting news. At the beginning of this year, Just-A-Start’s staff and board kicked off a process to revise our vision and mission.

You know us for our track record of creating secure homes and connecting residents with sustaining careers, and this work absolutely continues. But with 50-plus years of history behind us, it was time to revisit and update our vision and mission statements to better align with our work and aspirations. After several months of reflection, we’re proud to share the results with you:

Side by side, our vision is the type of community that we aspire to help create, and our mission articulates the sense of purpose that fuels our work each day. These statements are our guide not only to what we do, but just as importantly, why we do it.

The concept of equity has recently, and rightfully, risen as a key concern in the nation, and it also surfaced powerfully as a priority throughout our process. Advancing equity has always been central to our programs, which challenge the disparities related to access to quality housing, education and jobs. As we updated our statements, it was important that we be explicit about this core purpose.

Revising our vision and mission was an energizing opportunity to come together, see our work with fresh eyes, and create the path forward. As the world continues to change and people’s needs evolve, we too will evolve and continue finding ways to build pathways to economic opportunity.

We do so alongside a genuine community of partners and friends, a community that has grown stronger over these 50-plus years. Thank you for being part of that!