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Biomedical Careers Program Success Story: Shawn Fitzpatrick

In the 16 years since Shawn Fitzpatrick graduated from the JAS Biomedical Careers program, he’s gone from being an entry-level technician to the Associate Director of Manufacturing at Shire, a biotechnology company that develops and provides healthcare in the areas of behavioral health, gastrointestinal conditions, rare diseases, and regenerative medicine.

As Shawn put it, “I’m really not sure what I would be doing today if my mom didn’t see that ad in the newspaper.”

Back in 1997, Shawn Fitzpatrick had already tried a culinary arts education, an EMT school, bartending classes and other job training. In his own words, he was “trying to find his way” and wasn’t sure what direction to go in. So when his mother handed him an ad for the JAS Biotechnology Careers Program, he jumped at the opportunity.

The JAS Biomedical Career Program opened up doors for Shawn with a free education in some of the most sought after skills in the biotech industry. Like so many other students, he couldn’t afford a bachelor’s degree and the JAS program gave him a unique opportunity.

“JAS actually helped me get my start in the biotech field and also start my journey in higher education,” Shawn said. The program gave him the basic fundamentals of science and technical job skills he would need to start out as a technician. And just as importantly, it taught him how to build a resume and improve his interview skills. He began his career as a biotechnology technician and worked his way up from there.

As for higher education, the JAS program started him on the road to further his learning. He earned his Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certifcation and, in 2014, Shawn completed his bachelor’s degree from Becker College. And now, he’s starting to earn his MBA.

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