Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development

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Rental Housing

As part of its core mission, Just-A-Start (JAS) develops and owns affordable apartments that allow low and moderate income residents to live in Cambridge at rents that are within their means. JAS currently owns nearly 600 units and has partnered with Maloney Properties and Wingate to provide the portfolio with professional management. If you are interested in affordable rentals in Cambridge, please contact Maloney Properties and Wingate for more information. Our portfolio of rental properties includes:

Saint Patrick’s Apartments
26-50 York Street, Cambridge, MA
32 Units in 4 buildings

Squirrel Brand Apartments
12 and 17 Broadway, Cambridge, MA
20 units in 2 buildings

Webster-Bristol Apartments
69-73 Webster Ave and 51-53 Bristol St, Cambridge, MA
9 units in one building

Rindge Tower Apartments
402 Rindge Avenue, Cambridge, MA
273 units, 22 stories

Cardinal Medeiros Apartments
409-415 Cardinal Medeiros Way, Cambridge, MA
6 units in one building

54 Berkshire Street Apartments
54-56 Berkshire Street, Cambridge, MA
6 units in one building

Webster Avenue Apartments
75-83 Webster Avenue, Cambridge, MA
5 units in 2 buildings

Putnam Place
260 and 264 Putnam Avenue, Cambridge, MA
12 units in 2 buildings

72 Elm Street Apartments
72 Elm Street, Cambridge, MA
6 units in one building

Churchill Court
2505-2529 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA
12 units and 1 commercial space in 4 buildings

George Close Building
243 Broadway, Cambridge, MA
61 units in one building

Otis Apartments
206-210 Otis Street, Cambridge, MA
8 townhouse-style units

Norfolk Street Apartments
55 and 59 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, MA
8 units and 1 commercial space

Trembridge Apartments
106 Tremont and 1175/1179 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA
8 units and 1 commercial space

Linwood Place
200-210 Columbia St, 40 Market St, and 261-69 Broadway, Cambridge, MA
45 units in 8 buildings

Scouting Way Apartments
Prospect St and Scouting Way, Cambridge, MA
14 units

Next Step House
Medford Street, Somerville, MA
6 units in one building

Hovey Avenue Apartments
35 Hovey Avenue, Cambridge, MA
7 units in one building

Bishop Allen Apartments
Bishop Allen Dr and Norfolk St, Cambridge, MA
32 units in 4 buildings

Homeownership Development

JAS develops homes sold at prices within reach for low and moderate income households. All of the units are sold pursuant to an Affordable Housing Agreement with the City of Cambridge, allowing the City to repurchase the units when resold at a restricted sale price. Buyers are selected through a lottery process with preference given to Cambridge residents and families with children. Homeowners are required to take a First Time Homebuyers class prior to purchasing their home and JAS provides Condominium training and support in the first year of operation. Our portfolio of home ownership properties includes:

17 and 19 Fulkerson 132 and 146 Berkshire 187 Charles Street
21-23 Seventh Street 22-26 Seventh Street 217 Thorndike
243 Hurley Street 354 Norfolk Street 5 and 7 Jefferson Street
7 Hardwick Street 83-85 Pleasant street Alewife Brook Condos
Alewife Condos Bolton-Blair Condos Bolton Condos
Columbia Court Gateview Condos Hampshire Homes
Harvard Windsor Condos Main Street Condos Spring Street Condos
Windsor Church

Condo Resale Program

There are more than 500 homeownership units in the City of Cambridge currently subject to Affordable Housing restrictions, including many developed by JAS. JAS manages the preservation, rehab, and resale when an owner decides to sell their unit. New buyers are selected from the Homeownership Resale Pool, which is administered by the City’s Housing Division.